On October 10, 2013 Olivia and I decided we wanted to embark on what we’re calling the Clydz Cocktail Challenge, where we attempt to sample all 128 signature drinks that Clydz (a martini bar in New Brunswick, NJ) has to offer. Each time we try new drinks, we’ll mark them on the menu in yellow, and list them below each section. Who knows, we may even be ambitious enough to review some of them. Though we’ll be ordering the drinks separately, we plan to at least taste each others’ drinks, even if we didn’t specifically order it for ourselves. Wish our livers luck! Any accompanying Instagram photos will be tagged with #ClydzCocktailChallenge.

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10/10/13 | Green Tea-Ni – Delightful. The honey is a nice touch. Think of this as a really strong cup of tea.

10/18/13 | Lychee – We’ve both enjoyed this several times before. Still one of the most delicious martinis on the menu. If you’ve never tried a lychee before, which is an exotic Asian fruit, then you’re in for a treat.

11/20/13 | Clydz Vesper – I’ve had this martini staple many times. Similar to a classic James Bond Vesper Martini. Tastes like straight alcohol. Gets you drunk.

12/6/13 | Bison Grass Sour – We both really loved this one. To me it tasted a little like spiked eggnog and we’ve both enjoyed anything with egg white in it, which is funny since I had never had a drink with egg white in it before starting this challenge.

1/28/14 | Destroyer – Crisp, clean, and citrusy.

1/28/14 | Dirty Tomolive – I really disliked this at first since it reminded me of a Bloody Mary, and I don’t really like Bloody Marys, but the more I tried it the more I liked it. Burns in a good way. Olivia liked this way more than I did.

3/12/14 | Old Fourth Ward – We ordered this with Tito’s instead of Clydz vodka and it was amazing. Improves on a traditional dirty vodka martini in every way, proving the point that you can never go wrong with blue cheese stuffed olives.

3/12/14 | Moscow Mule – We’ve both had this before and wanted to cross it off the list. Not my favorite, but the fizzy minty combination is still delightful. Needs less ice.

3/12/14 | Purple Haze – I could barely finish one sip of this fruity nightmare. To me it tasted like an instant hangover Smarties / Dimetapp explosion. Way too sweet for either of us.

3/19/14 | Leninade – Olivia liked this but I hated it. It tasted like something I would make in a solo cup in a college basement party. Too sweet, too lemony, too much pure vodka taste.

3/19/14 | Holiday Inn – Since its been almost two months since we tried this I can’t remember much aside from that we both really liked it. You can’t go wrong with St. Germaine, cucumber, and lime.

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10/10/13 | Cucumber Gimlet – I wasn’t a big fan of this. Don’t really like gin to begin with, plus this had a strange peppery taste that I felt overpowered the cucumber.

10/18/13 | Sloe Gin Fizz – First time ever enjoying a gin fizz and it was surprisingly delicious. The egg white gave it a nice creamy texture.

11/20/13 | Fig Gin Jam – Olivia ordered this but I wish I had. Tasted like jelly, and it had a Lychee in it. Win-win.

12/6/13 | Clydz Classic – Basically straight gin. Very strong and similar to a Clydz Vesper. Straight to the point.

12/6/13 | Mojito – We’ve both had the Mojito here before. Highly recommended. Comes with a sugar cane stick in it.

1/24/14 | Formula One – Olivia continues to be on gin detail for this challenge, which is good because I’ve been in gin jail for the past nine years. She really enjoyed it and said it had a very herbal taste. I was on the fence about it, and thought it initially tasted like a Mojito, with a licorice aftertaste. However I’ve been told I’m way off base with this. Go home taste buds, you’re drunk.

1/28/14 | Pimm’s Cup – I’ve been meaning to try this, especially since I’ve never seen anyone order one other than Nucky Thompson. I was underwhelmed but Olivia enjoyed it.

1/28/14 | “Sazerum” – We got a sneak peek of a new, unnamed menu item, which I’m going to refer to as a “Sazerum.” It’s similar to an Old Fashioned or a Sazerac, but made with aged rum. Interesting and a little smoother than it’s counterpart, but I don’t really like rum so I’ll stick with the old fashioned Old Fashioned. Side note: We hope they don’t change the drink menu too soon or this challenge will end up being even more daunting than we anticipated!

Clydz Cocktail Challenge_Page_3

10/10/13 | Old Fashioned – Don Draper would be proud.

11/20/13 | Paisano Way – After reading the bizarre combination of ingredients I really wanted to try it. The best way I can describe it is like a sort of sloe gin fizz margarita. Very frothy and delicious.

11/20/13 | Bourbon & Cigarettes – Olivia hated this, but Angel’s Envy is one of my favorite bourbons so I really enjoyed it. Tasted a little like an Old Fashioned. Looks like I’ll be on Whiskey / Rye / Bourbon detail. I’m okay with that.

1/24/14 | Hub City Press – I really loved this. Basil Hayden’s is one of my favorite bourbons, plus this was basically an even tastier Old Fashioned. Highly recommended and will definitely have this again.

3/12/14 | Sazerac – A less fruity version of an Old Fashioned. Don Draper approved. Would definitely order it again.

3/19/14 | William Cameron Coup – I ordered this because I love Woodford Reserve but it was way too bitter for me. Could barely taste the bourbon.

3/19/14 | Smokey Donkey – We’ve had this before and liked it. Very smokey with almost a cigar taste to it.

Clydz Cocktail Challenge_Page_4

10/10/13 | Berry White – Scrumptious. Dessert in a glass.

11/20/13 | Radler – Really delicious. The lemonade mixed perfectly with the St. Germaine and the lightness of the Stella. Tasted almost like it was made with champagne.

12/6/13 | Don’t Drink Too Many of These… – Olivia really loved this but I didn’t think it was that special. Went down easy and for all intents and porpoises () it could be a deceptive drink, but I found it difficult to differentiate the pear / apple flavors from the champagne. My palate is probably just jaded from too many boozy brunches.

1/28/14 | French 55 – We both thought this was really delicious. A better, brighter version of the Destroyer.

1/28/14 | Sparkling Sunrise – Light and girly with a strong pear taste. Really tasty.

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