The Man Behind the Coug

I’m Devin “Coug” Healey. A graduate of Rutgers University, digital marketing and social media consultant, professional dodgeballer, and a passionate member of Red Sox Nation. Simply put, I’m a 30-ish New Jerseyan who dabbles in sports, movies, TV, music, food, videogames, social media, the mundane & the absurd. This blog will be a hodgepodge of the above. If you want a closer look at my love of food and foodie culture, I suggest you check out my Instagram.

Although I graduated from Rutgers with a Bachelor’s in Planning & Public Policy I now realize that I should have taken some time to evaluate what I really wanted to do with the rest of my life, instead of choosing my career from my playing SimCity.

Over the past half decade I’ve cultivated a serious love affair with social media. Community management is my passion and although I have zero formal background in communications, marketing, or advertising, I love the relationship between users and brands, and how a well oiled social media machine can form life long fans and customers. Now with a rich and varied background in digital marketing, I started my own LLC and have been focusing on freelancing and building a client base. Saving the world one tweet at a time.

I am a huge sports fan, baseball first and foremost (Red Sox), with football (Eagles/Bengals), tennis (Novak Djokovic), and hockey (Devils) filling out the totem pole. Although I’m a passionate Red Sox fan, I have tremendous respect for the game of baseball and am a big time fantasy baseball guru (AL-Only Auction Style Keeper Dynasty League anyone?). I’m the kind of fan that would be content watching an Oakland A’s – San Diego Padres interleague game. Love talent, even Yankee talent, and hate bandwagoners, especially Yankee bandwagoners who can’t name more than the “Core Four” from 2001.

I’m also an eclectic music lover and former daily DJ on, where I ran my own Rap & Hip-Hop room: Rap While You Work | Coug Lounge. However my music taste ranges from rap to movie soundtracks, alternative jam rock, EDM, and classic rock. I encourage you to check out my profile to get a better idea of how all over the place my tastes really are. I could definitely be called a movie snob, probably formed from my quirky, sometimes dark sense of humor, and former employment at Hollywood Video (R.I.P.). To give you an idea of my cinematic preferences, some of my favorite movies include The Royal Tenenbaums, The Dark Knight, Casino Royale, The Empire Strikes Back, and The Departed. My favorite directors would have to be Wes Anderson, Christopher Nolan, Martin Scorsese, Michael Mann, Quentin Tarantino, and the Coen Brothers.

As for TV, my current vices include Better Call SaulBloodlineBojack HorsemanFargoGame of ThronesHouse of Cards, and Mr. Robot, but my all time favorite, the most influential, and in my opinion the greatest show of all time will always be Mad Men. Check out my TVShow Time to get the full scope of what I’m into. On an unrelated note, I’m a self proclaimed spelling and grammar zealot, so if you happen to see me make a glaring error, please feel free to publicly shame me. Obviously I’m into a whole lot more, but I won’t list it all here. I’m sure if you follow this blog with any regularity, you’ll learn more through my posts. And (I’m a staunch proponent of starting sentences with “and”) to get a real time Coug experience, feel free to follow me on Twitter.


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